Boy Kanin introduces Chicken Pinoy Barbecue and goes Unlimited Rice on Selected Meals

boy kanin unli-rice

Boy Kanin goes Unli-Rice on Boy Sisig,

Boy Kanin introduces Chicken Pinoy Barbecue

Chicken, perfectly grilled, may be souvenirs of one’s childhood and probably yours; so we’re pretty sure you won’t mind to wait in line at any Boy Kanin branch to get our juicy new chicken called Chicken Pinoy Barbecue. Grilled to perfection and marinated on our secret sauce, it delivers a charred sweet barbecue taste. Our chicken is handled differently following strict food safety standards. We’re now proud to introduce them to you coinciding our 6th Year Anniversary and the launch of our Unlimited Rice meal menu offering.

boy kanin unli-rice

Boy Kanin Chicken Pinoy Barbecue

Imagine a big portion of chicken, juicy chicken that’s not complicated, its natural yummy barbecue taste is spread evenly on the skin – which is also absorbed from the skin all the way to the white meat – leaving you with juicy and enjoyable chicken taste. No herbs, no complication, no coloring. We assure you katropa that you will love our New Boy Kanin Chicken Pinoy Barbecue!

Our Chicken Pinoy Barbecue was brushed and marinated in spices and oil. But it doesn’t leave an oily feel, it doesn’t give you that unpleasantly dry chicken unlike other grilled chicken you might have had. It is fork-tender and goes well with our signature yellow rice.

You can choose to dip it with our very own Boy Kanin vinegar or just eat it as it is. We assure you that our Boy Kanin Chicken Pinoy Barbecue is good on its own even without the dipping sauce.

The best part? Due to the public’s insistent demand, Boy Kanin now offers unlimited rice on selected meals! Starting this month of April 2019, Boy Kanin is now offering Unlimited rice on selected meals such as Boy Sisig, Chicken Pinoy Barbecue and Sizzling Liempo.

boy kanin unli-rice

Boy Kanin Unlirice meals of Chicken Pinoy Barbecue, Boy Sisig and Sizzling Liempo

For its taste quality and price, every Boy Kanin Unlirice Meal is already a good value for your money! So what are you waiting for, katropa? Sugod na sa nearest Boy Kanin branch and have a taste of this new addition to your favorite Boy Kanin meals!

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