Boy Kanin introduces new additions on the Menu

Boy Kanin’s 49’Ner Meals


Have you guys heard the latest news about Boy Kanin’s menu? We’re happy to announce that we have made a few additions on our menu. We’re now offering Boy Kanin 49’Ner Meals which includes other new Filipino breakfast favorites such as Sweet Ham, Luncheon Meat, Chicken Longganisa, Cheezy Franks and Corned Beef. All these meals are served with Boy Kanin’s signature yellow rice and fried sunny side up eggs. These yummy meals are now available at selected Boy Kanin stores nationwide. Go grab ‘them now and try each variants!

Boy Kanin continues to discover ways to make budget-friendly meals for each Filipino working employees and students. As we open more branches on our 5th year, we’d like to reach more people to enjoy our energy-giving healthy yet affordable rice meals. So what are you waiting for mga katropa, KANIN-GET-IT now at any Boy Kanin branch nearest you!

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