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Boy Kanin introduces Pinoy Lumpia and Pinoy Spaghetti on its menu

boy kanin pinoy lumpia
A welcome addition to its roster of menu, Boy Kanin introduces Pinoy Lumpia

Boy Kanin continues to expand not just in terms of its store branches, but also in its roster of menu. Boy Kanin’s food and development (F &D) team are bent on improving our menu but also plans to bring out more Filipino flavors to promote the real goodness of Pinoy food.

Boy Kanin’s F&D are introducing Pinoy Merienda favorites starting with Pinoy Lumpia and Pinoy Spaghetti.

Lumpia or Lumpiang Shanghai is a type of Filipino egg roll. The basic filling is composed of ground pork along with min  Filipino deep-fried appetizer consisting of a mixture of ground pork along with minced onions, carrots, and seasonings such as salt and ground black pepper. Boy Kanin’s version of Pinoy Lumpia is wrapped in a thin egg crêpe. Lumpiang Shanghai is regarded as the most basic type of lumpia in Filipino cuisine, and it is usually smaller and thinner than other lumpia variants.

The name lumpiang Shanghai hints at the Chinese origin of lumpia, which first traveled to the Philippines with ninth-century Chinese traders. Rolls similar to lumpia are made throughout Asia—in China, they’re fried and called spring rolls (or egg rolls, in Chinese-American cooking).

boy kain pinoy spaghetti
Boy Kanin Pinoy Spaghetti will soon hit the stores

Who doesn’t love Filipino style spaghetti? Certainly, it’s a hit not just for kids but for most adults as well. Boy Kanin’s version of Pinoy spaghetti is made of yummy Spaghetti that everyone loves. The outcome of our recipe is a sweet delicious spaghetti that both kids and kids-at-heart will like.

Our Pinoy spaghetti does not use any fancy ingredients. Just like any other spaghetti, this makes use of ground meat (pork), and a tomato based sauce (sweet Filipino style). The red juicy hotdogs are important because it gives this dish a distinct flavor and appeal. The grated easy-to- melt cheese on top also helps to make the spaghetti have a richer flavor. It will surely remind one of the flavor and taste of homemade spaghetti of your younger years.

Watch out for these new Boy Kanin merienda favorites as they hit Boy Kanin stores soon! Eating your merienda (afternoon snack) had never tasted this good!

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