Boy Kanin is now a bonafide member of the Philippine Franchise Association

Boy Kanin is now a bonafide member of the Philippine Franchise Association

We’re happy to announce that Boy Kanin is now a bonafide member of the prestigious Philippine Franchise Association (PFA). Known as a voluntary self-regulating body for franchising in the country, the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) is the country’s pioneer and largest franchise association with members ranging from micro to large, both homegrown and international involved in the food, retail, services and other types of businesses.

One of the key benefits of a franchisee association, is that [it] has the ability to represent and protect the interests of franchise owners in a way that individual franchisees do not. By working on a collective basis through an association, franchisees can negotiate franchise agreements, as well as influence supplier and marketing programs and their expenses. Strong associations have valuable vendor and supplier programs that largely pay the cost of membership. [They] also provide mentoring, training and legal support services.

Joining a franchisee association can be especially helpful when you’re part of a large franchise system. As franchise systems grow, as the number of franchisees grows, and as the scale and the scope of operations become more complex, an association can help more franchisees get involved in advertising and purchasing issues and planning on regional and national levels.

We’re also a member of the Association of the Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI), it is the Philippines’prime trade organization committed to promoting responsible micro small medium enterprise businesses through franchising. It  consists of Filipino corporate presidents, CEOs, and prominent businessmen who recognize the competitive potential of the local franchising industry in the global market. Duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the association serves as a governing body that safeguards the interest of its members and innovates ways to further its advocacies.

With memberships from two prestigious franchising organizations, you’re assured that with Boy Kanin, you’re in good hands.


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