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Boy Kanin supports Brigada Eskuwela 2019

Boy Kanin supports Brigada Eskuwela 2019 1
Boy Kanin with the teachers

Clean classrooms, well-maintained learning tools, and attractive landscaping inspire students to go to school, study hard and persevere to reach their dreams. In connection of this, Boy Kanin is proud to partner with a public school to try their best to turn these ideals into reality through Brigada Eskwela, annual activity which prepares public schools nationwide a few weeks before the class opening for the new school year.

The said campaign was established to address the need to fill the gaps of the Department of Education’s [DepEd] resources faced by the agency through strengthen partnerships with the communities.

Boy Kanin supports Brigada Eskuwela 2019 2

With Brigada Eskuwela campaign, besides helping to beautify the schools, they also make sure the schools are safe and prepared in time of natural calamities. Boy Kanin believes that ensuring the quality facilities for education is a collective responsibility of us all and we shouldn’t rely on DepEd alone for all these things.

Boy Kanin supports Brigada Eskuwela 2019 3
Brigada Eskwela at Pasay City South High School

During the Brigada Eskuwela, Boy Kanin took its part by providing boxed meals for all the volunteer teachers and parents who helped in the said campaign.  The initiative mobilizes parents, alumni, civic groups, local business, NGOs, students and other individuals to volunteer their time and skills to do repairs on the school buildings and facilities in time for the school opening.

Boy Kanin supports Brigada Eskuwela 2019 4

Brigada Eskuwela has become a permanent activity in the school calendar where all public schools nationwide are mandated to implement the program before the school classes begins.

Boy Kanin is grateful for allowing us to do our share to make better the lives of others and making a positive difference through this event.

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