Boy Kanin treats an elderly to a birthday bash

Singing birthday song for the birthday girl Mrs. Lita Forteza

It was indeed a special day for Mrs. Lita C. Forteza, who just turned 81 as she was given a surprise birthday bash from Tropang Boy Kanin. As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility [CSR], Boy Kanin rolled out a birthday party for Mrs. Forteza who’s from the Elsie Gaches Village—a home for the aged.

The oldies from Elsie Gaches were one of the first ones to try Boy Kanin’s latest products: Pinoy Spaghetti and Pinoy Lumpia. Filipino style spaghetti is a good meal anyone would happily fork over and a staple amongst Filipino birthday parties. Thousands of sweet spaghetti servings are sold by several local fast food outlets every single day and a party will never be complete without a serving of Pinoy favorite spaghetti.


The elders enjoying Boy Kanin’s Pinoy Spaghetti

Boy Kanin’s version of spaghetti is also on the sweet side with its rich meat sauce and sliced red hotdogs into the ground beef mixture with generous grated cheddar cheese on top to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

This guy gives Boy Kanin’s spaghetti a thumbs up

The Tropang Boy Kanin hosted parlor games where the elders happily played along. It resulted into an ultimate nostalgia evoking a memorable birthday for Nanay Lita Forteza and all the other elderlies at the Elsie Gaches Village.

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