How to get a Boy Kanin Franchise Discount? 3

How to get a Boy Kanin Franchise Discount?

How to get a Boy Kanin Franchise Discount? 4

Owning your own business as part of a franchise system has a number of benefits over doing it on your own. There’s the support offered by the franchisor in terms of marketing and territory allocations, there’s the tried and tested business model and there’s often a degree of bulk buying power as well. In order to convince potential franchisees to take that leap of faith, or for existing franchisees to expand, MB Flavored Rice Corporation, owner of Boy Kanin—the first of its kind Kaninderya kiosk that offers Filipino favorite rice toppings, is hoping financial incentives will help to get budding entrepreneurs’ business up and running.

One of the country’s fastest rising food kiosks has rolled out its simplest and most affordable franchising package to date—one that requires only P199,000 in cash outlay, plus a chance to get a huge bulk of discount on the franchising package fee.

“We’re looking at opening more new stores. We have a new franchise package which we’re rolling out this year with very low minimal investment,” said Mr. Ronald Allan Callao, CEO and President of MB Flavored Rice Corporation.

“We’ve been expanding via our franchise model in the past years, and we did get a lot of interest, but we also understand the economic climate and the fact that we need to help people and encourage them to be their own boss and start their dream of owning a business,” said Mr. Callao.

In line with the celebration of Boy Kanin’s 5th Year Anniversary, Boy Kanin will be giving out Free 1 Year Supply of Rice as franchise package discount on the upcoming Philippine Franchising Association (PFA) expo for those who will avail the on-the-spot franchise reservation on the event dates itself.

The PFA exhibit will run from July 20-22, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

Attending the PFA expo will also give budding entrepreneurs the chance to raise concerns for those who wanted to open their own franchising business. “So we’re encouraging people to come on board and we’re offering them Free 1 Year Supply of Rice (that’s 25 kilos sack of rice for 12 months) off the franchising fee/package,” added Mr. Callao. He believes it’s a good way of getting people in because there is genuine interest in the business and genuine excitement but what prevents them is that little bit of fear—this freebie from the actual franchising package can help them save some money and Mr. Callao thinks that’s quite important.

While there is interest in the product, some potential franchisees are still reluctant to invest in a franchise. But with a Boy Kanin franchise, we have proven to be stable and has a good track record in the past five years in the food industry. Boy Kanin has a lot of franchises start up and shows a good profitability and return on investments, that sustains their growth.

Boy Kanin franchisees get all of their promotional activity designed and printed in flyers etc., induction training, local area marketing research as well as their own budgets, business and marketing plans.

Boy Kanin conducts FREE Business Franchise Seminars to those interested in the franchise business. All you have to do is to call us up at (02) 352-8130 to schedule for an appointment.


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