Meet Our Boy Kanin Mascot 2

Meet Our Boy Kanin Mascot

Meet Our Boy Kanin Mascot 3
Boy Kanin graces our events and branch openings


There’s something so great about having a mascot that we can call our own. Katropa, we’re delighted to introduce to you, Boy Kanin mascot. He’s the epitome of Filipino optimism–cheerful, adorable, friendly and loves to eat rice with his favorite Pinoy viands. Boy Kanin is full of personality and has his own unique charm that captivates both the kids and kids-at-heart.

Our official mascot, Boy Kanin can be cute and cuddly but best of all, he’s pretty interesting. He’s officially our brand identity that represents our core values, culture, as well as products and services. We do hope that Boy Kanin’s presence to our events and branch openings would help us to increase awareness and memory recall.

Since his first exposure last May of 2018, Boy Kanin has brought his online presence to the next level. He’s been all over Boy Kanin’s official Instagram account and Facebook Page. There were even videos of him showcasing his crazy dance moves, strutting his stuff to the delight of the audiences and online followers.

With Boy Kanin the mascot around, we are more excited to bring more ideas to real life. Catch Boy Kanin at our future events, exhibits, functions and branch openings. Make sure to bring your cameras with you when you meet and greet him. He’s more than happy to see and meet you, Katropa!


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