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Boy Kanin supports Cycling Events

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Boy Kanin Team Starken

Cycling is one of the biggest sports in Europe. In countries like Belgium, France and their neighbors, participation is high, and towns even have teams that regularly join smaller road races. In the Philippines, though, cycling took a major hit after the ban on cigarette advertising began in the US in 1970 and gradually spread throughout the world. Since then, the country has had only two major outdoor cycling events each year, only two real opportunities for cyclists to earn prize money

It is Boy Kanin’s passion to bring back the long lost glory of Philippine cycling, be able to discover new talents that would give pride to our country.  It’s no longer surprising why Boy Kanin has its own team of cyclists. Boy Kanin’s President and CEO, Ronald Allan Callao is the son of an award-winning prized cyclist the country has ever produced.

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Back in the 70’s until the 90’s, cycling was a popular sport in the country. It was in fact, the biggest national sporting event in the Philippines, the Palarong Pambansa and the PRISAA even included cycling as one of its events. Unfortunately, the decline of outdoor races paved the way for track cycling to eventually be abolished.

Recently, Boy Kanin has proudly participated in the Filipino-Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation’s Cycling event held at the Filinvest Alabang and at Shimano event.  There’s a certain fortitude one has to have as a cyclist—the fearlessness in the face of the unknown, unassisted by technology save for the rudimentary pedals, chain and wheels. You are entirely on your own. The endurance, as they would bike almost a hundred kilometers up—it was a hard life, with no monetary reward but only the joy of being free of encumbrances.

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With Boy Kanin Team Starken, expect Boy Kanin to always support every stride of every Filipino cyclist who have shown their potential and skills in the races.

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