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Why Boy Kanin is called as “Kaninderya”?

boy kanin franchise

Filipinos are known to be certified foodies. We all love to sit down, gather and practically eat meals together. We Pinoys have always considered food as a form of pleasure. We also love to share our love for food with foreigners and guests, because as they say, the way to a tourist’s heart is through his stomach. And we love to eat rice with gusto. Rice is obviously a staple in every Filipino diet.

So why do we love eating rice?

Our love affair with rice actually stemmed from pre-colonial times. The earliest evidence of the presence of rice in the Philippines  came in the form of carbonized  organic deposits. It is believed that the Malay people, who arrived in the island after the Negrito, were the ones responsible for introducing rice to the pre-Spanish diet. It was during the Spanish colonization when rice production has increased with the introduction of plow technology and efficient irrigation system.

Filipinos love to eat in small eateries like “Karinderya.” But have you ever wondered how were we able to come up with such? The term Karinderya came about in 1920s after a Spanish Filipino Wenceslao Retana coined the said term from the words “kari”which means spice, what we now call today as “curry.”

Karinderyas originated in places such as Taytay and Cainta where Sepoys (Indian soldiers under British army) settled and married their Filipina wives. It was the Indians who introduced curry dishes to the locals and people eventually started calling the native food shops as carinderia in the same way that Chinese eateries who was serving pancit were called panciteria.

Why is Boy Kanin called as “Kaninderya”?

Boy Kanin is an elevated karinderya with new iterations. Boy Kanin’s feel-good dishes do not just satiate your hunger but will also leave you longing for solace and the warmth of home. We offer budget- friendly yet authentic Filipino dishes. We are slowly gaining popularity as food stall or kiosk (but we now have dine-in stores at selected areas), Boy Kanin serves paella rice meals together with your favorite Pinoy staple ulam (viand). You can order these awesome bowls to go or eat them at the stalls.

Well-loved Filipino viands such as Adobo, Bistek Tagalog, Teriyaki and Pares are made affordable along with our best selling “Boy Silog” meals like Beef Tapa, Longganisa, Pork Tocino, and Grilled Liempo. We also have their own take on Pampanga’s Sizzling  Sisig, Crispy Pata, Pinoy Barbecue, Sizzling Chicken, and the innovative dish, Pinoy Burrito (rice, meat and cheese wrapped in wheat flour tortilla) which will truly satiate even those with discriminating palate. Knowing these, you’ll find every reason (even the smallest one) to celebrate and eat out.

The brainchild of Mr. Ronald Allan Callao, Boy Kanin was made out of his desire to offer alternative to fast-food meals that cater to the masses. Each meal is made fresh to order, so you can be assured of its quality. No wonder that loyal customers are singing praises of Boy Kanin as one of the best and most “sulit meals” in the metro.

Why every meal is so sulit?

There’s no need to ask for extra rice because each meal has generous servings of Boy Kanin’s signature yellow rice. You won’t end up feeling ‘bitin’ after having one of Boy Kanin’s meals. Note that your dining experience would not be complete if you won’t try and wash it down with our signature Salabat Ginger Tea. We swear, even if you’re not exactly a fan of ginger, you will like this. Even kids might even like its taste because it’s sweetened with honey. But it doesn’t have that bitter after-taste one would usually encounter with ginger tea. The ginger tea perfectly complements each dish. And get this, each time you purchase Boy Kanin’s ginger tea, you are actually helping an entire community by giving them livelihood. That’s because Boy Kanin’s CEO, President and proprietor, Mr. Ronald Callao sources the ginger from a certain community and in the process allows them to make a living.

We treat you as katropa

Yes, we treat you as family and friend. Katropa is how we call our loyal customers.  You can very much afford to treat your katropa to Boy Kanin. Boy Kanin made sure we have a group meal called Boy Fiesta, that’s good for 3-5 persons with its big servings of rice, three fried eggs, 5 dishes (chicken, longganisa, grilled liempo and tocino and drinks. Isn’t that an offer you simply can’t resist? Feast on Boy Kanin’s generous rice servings along with your favorite Filipino cuisines for a steal price!

We’re open for business franchise

Excited to try Boy Kanin? Boy Kanin food stalls are located in certain areas within the metro and in some provinces. We are also open for franchise if you’re interested to start a food business that will surely be a hit. We’re happy to announce that we are now on our 5th year and we’ve been expanding as our Boy Kanin family is continue growing. Just call us at (02)352-8130, +63917 344 3427 Globe, +63923 683 1409 Sun Cellular or email us at for more information. You may also check their Facebook page for more updates. You could also follow us on Instagram for promo updates and awesome Pinoy trivias.

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